Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein graduated with a B.F.A., emphasis on Printmaking, from Portland State University in 2012. An illustrator and writer, Rhiannon works with juxtaposition and layering, especially comparing and contrasting humanity with elements of monstrosity and phantasm. Rhiannon’s work has appeared in galleries & magazines including Lightspeed Magazine, the Sockdolager, ShimmerZEAL, several volumes of the Tankadere comics anthology, Weird Tales, Autzen Gallery (Portland, OR), and STORE Gallery (Portland, OR).

In 2010 Rhiannon co-founded Crab Tank, an independent comics publisher, with Melanie Ujimori, and after co-editing and producing four volumes of the Tankadere anthology, branched into professional print sourcing. Rhiannon is currently employed as a Prepress Technician at Dark Horse Comics. Freelance credits include illustration, design, prepress, editing, and visual development for companies including Beyond Press and Iron Circus Comics. 





2014 and earlier