Project Spotlight - NICE GUTS: CYBERGURO

I have a lot of projects in the works that I can't announce yet, but one of them that I can talk about is the anthology I'm editing: Nice Guts! Originally founded by Verasaur and Agnes, Nice Guts is an ero-guro ("erotic grotesque") comics and illustration tribute zine from the early days of the internet, dedicated to that bizarre and obscure aesthetic line between horror and fetish art. I've been a fan of theirs for years so it was an honor to have Vera approach me earlier this year about resurrecting the series.

To kick off the revival, we're assembling a full-size anthology of full-color works themed around cyber-horror and techno-guro- the science-fiction, body-horror, uncomfortably intimate and creepy side of technology, where the internet isn't just a figurative extension of the brain. It's gonna be a little vaporwave, a little post-post-modern, a little Videodrome, a little sexy, and all guro. Check out the main site of the anthology, with a lot more sneak peeks into the art, here at! Please note that this anthology and site is firmly ADULTS ONLY. In case you're doubtful as to what I mean by Adults Only, let me explain-- there is a giant, laser-spewing monster penis in this book. That oughta clear it up (and yes, it's a fucking amazing and hilarious illustration).

The header image of this post is a teaser from the Nice Guts comic by fantastic artist Lohkay. Also check out her (18+ only) comic In Passing, a chilling and intimate look at familial cycles of abuse. CW: child abuse, rape, explicit sex.

"Hymn of Ordeal" hits comic stores in June!

It was my exquisite pleasure to work with masterclass artist Ricardo Cabral in adapting "The Hymn of Ordeal, No. 23" into a ten-page comic for Dark Horse! Find it in Creepy Comics #24, along with a Richard Corben story and some great pinup illustrations. The information you need to find it should be in the link here! 

The issue hits stores in June! If you liked the original story, or even if you didn't but are hankering for some grody space horror, you oughta give it a try.