Bloodborne: The Texture of a Dream (new comic!)

My comic/illustrated essay/narrative graphic ramble on wandering Yharnam and the texture of dreams is available for reading at ZEAL magazine now. Mega thanks to the wonderful editors there who were just as excited about a more experimental approach to discussing exploration and setting in video games. There's a lot of great articles and other comics on ZEAL, so be sure to check out their other works, and if you're a fan (like I am), subscribe!

Artist Resource List & Sample Scripts

"A Fire in the Heavens," woodblock print by Rhiannon R-S

"A Fire in the Heavens," woodblock print by Rhiannon R-S

I've had several requests on Twitter for two major resources-- one, a list of illustrators and comic artists that writers can approach for work, and two, sample scripts that aspiring comic artists can work from for their portfolio. I put out a call for and got over five hundred responses-- I ended up enlisting a friend to help me compile the list (thanks Capo!!) and I'm happy to be able to present it to you now. Of course this list (although it's huge!) represents only a small fraction of artists working today, and there are many ways . As both an author and an illustrator myself, I recommend that any writer reaching out to work with an illustrator have a budget of at least $100 on-hand and either a complete script, story, or pitch packet rather than an idea; it'll make both communication and work go much more smoothly.


Now, for all you comic artists-- I'm releasing three of my own 3-8 page scripts here in a variety of genres for you to draw. These scripts, linked below, are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License so that you may adapt (draw!) and share (portfolio!) your adaptations, but you may not sell the resulting comics. If you DO draw one of my scripts, have any questions, or want to include a version of one of the stories in a collection, feel free to drop me a line!

Science-fiction (3 pages- spacesuits, zero-gravity and spaceship wreckage): Cold Frame, Warm Heart
Fantasy (4 pages- early-dynasty Chinese garden & later-period clothing, all-ages, no dialogue): The Stone Lion
Slice-of-life/domestic drama (8 pages- three generations of characters, contemporary interiors, lots of dialogue): Que bonito es ver la lluvia (To See the Rain)

Can I Pet Your Werewolf? Kickstarter Live!


I've got a short comic (drawn by artist Cat Farris) in upcoming anthology Can I Pet Your Werewolf?, edited by Kel McDonald and Molly Muldoon! My story's about a highschool girl who goes for a night walk in a famously haunted gulch in Hawaii, and comes across a wolf-- but there's no wolves in Hawaii, right?!
The ADORABLE cover is by Melanie Ujimori, and there's a TON of other super cute, kid-friendly werewolf stories in the anthology as well! You can also snag a copy of La Luna with your preorder on Kickstarter (cover by me, written by me, drawn by Ainsley Yeager).