Project Spotlight - NICE GUTS: CYBERGURO

I have a lot of projects in the works that I can't announce yet, but one of them that I can talk about is the anthology I'm editing: Nice Guts! Originally founded by Verasaur and Agnes, Nice Guts is an ero-guro ("erotic grotesque") comics and illustration tribute zine from the early days of the internet, dedicated to that bizarre and obscure aesthetic line between horror and fetish art. I've been a fan of theirs for years so it was an honor to have Vera approach me earlier this year about resurrecting the series.

To kick off the revival, we're assembling a full-size anthology of full-color works themed around cyber-horror and techno-guro- the science-fiction, body-horror, uncomfortably intimate and creepy side of technology, where the internet isn't just a figurative extension of the brain. It's gonna be a little vaporwave, a little post-post-modern, a little Videodrome, a little sexy, and all guro. Check out the main site of the anthology, with a lot more sneak peeks into the art, here at! Please note that this anthology and site is firmly ADULTS ONLY. In case you're doubtful as to what I mean by Adults Only, let me explain-- there is a giant, laser-spewing monster penis in this book. That oughta clear it up (and yes, it's a fucking amazing and hilarious illustration).

The header image of this post is a teaser from the Nice Guts comic by fantastic artist Lohkay. Also check out her (18+ only) comic In Passing, a chilling and intimate look at familial cycles of abuse. CW: child abuse, rape, explicit sex.