October 2017 Roundup Post!

Well! It's been awhile since I updated the newsfeed here (all right, two months, which I believe translates to forever in internet years), so I wanted to make a quick update to round up some of the BIG NEWS!

First of all, VERY excited to announce that my webcomic with talented and amazing artist Eric J. Lee, BEAUTY, launched in late September. It's a rococo bugpunk take on BEauty & the Beast, heavily science-fiction in the vein of the bizarre and wonderful classic European comics. It updates every Thursday. Read it online at beautycomic.com

Alongside BEAUTY, I also launched a science-fiction black comedy serial novel, THE ENDLING. It's a fun and fast (if dark) read loosely in the tradition of light novels, and it's been a TON of fun to work on. Backers of my Patreon can read up to Chapter Eleven for a mere $3 pledge, and if free content is more your speed, or you want to take a sip before you take the plunge, it's up to Chapter Eight on Wattpad. Alternating chapters are illustrated by manga-style artist Cap O'Rushes! That makes THE ENDLING officially a light novel, I believe, so no doubt the anime will be hitting Netflix any day now (eh, Netflix? eh?? I know you self-google!)

A project I'm less directly involved with, but just as passionate about, BEYOND 2, the queer sci-fi and fantasy comics anthology, is at the printers now! I'm not a creator in the anthology, but I am the print lead on it, and it's a project I'm really proud to be a part of, so definitely check it out.

More in the works-- stay tuned, and thanks for following along!