Print Consultant Services

As a print consultant, I help artists and publishers take their work gorgeously from screen to page, demystifying the printing process for my clients and advising on how to get the best results for your project and budget. I also serve as a liaison between printer and artist, advocating for you in the rare case that any problems come in in shipping or printing, and negotiate best pricing and quality for you and your project. My specialties include limited print runs, comics, artbooks, and small press works, and I'm available to help with a wide variety of projects, including prose collections, postcard books, pins, and merchandising. I'm proud to say that many of the books I've worked on are award-winning projects, and I'm here to help your books reach that level.

List Of Services

Have a finished project that you want to print, but not sure where to start? Know enough about printing that you’d like to work with an experienced professional to help you make the right choices? Whether this is your first printed project or your hundredth, I’m here to work with you to figure out how to get your project on the page looking great. I am able to help on many different projects—no matter if they are short run, large run, limited edition, local or international print runs—but I have particular expertise in the needs of specialty, independent and short-run projects. I especially love working on comics and art books, and it's always a pleasure to help independent comics creators and artists create the professional-quality books their work deserves to be showcased as.

I am able to help you with:

  • finding the right printer for your project and budget.
  • negotiating with printers, and handling bids and quote comparisons.
  • figuring out the proper specifications for your work.
  • formatting for both print and web.
  • adding special effects, special finishes, or custom touches to your project within your budget.
  • making sure that your project is completed with the professional care, speed, and quality it deserves.


Rates begin at the basic consultancy fee of $500. This $500 flat fee includes a meeting, either over Skype, Google Plus, or email, where will I discuss the size and specifications of your project, recommend printers to work with, and help you figure out what steps to take towards the most professional and polished printing project you can produce. I will then send out the specifications for your project to multiple printers, collate the pricing, and help you choose which printer to use. In case of any trouble with the printer, I will be there to support you and negotiate through problems you may not have the time, energy, or knowledge to navigate.

All projects begin with a print consultation. We will discuss your project’s needs, work up a template of quotes, and compare pricing between printers. If you’re new to printing, I will be sure to walk you through the whole process, help you navigate printer lingo, and make sure you understand all the steps it’ll take to get your work on paper. I'm also very familiar with Kickstarter and can help you balance your printing budget with your needed crowdfunding goal. I have saved Kickstarters thousands of dollars by handling their print buying.

I also offer production work, preflighting, file reformatting, and further in-depth consultation on larger projects. For these additional services I charge an hourly rate. although in the past I have negotiated a flat fee depending on the scale of the project, specifically because I know many small projects are on a tight budget and I would especially like to help small presses and solo creators. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Past Projects


"I could not have asked for a better consultant when I was assembling the first printed collection of my work. Rhiannon's promptness, politeness and expertise will put any publishing artist or team at ease, and the unmatched quality of the books I received has made Rhiannon an absolute must-have for all my future projects." - Blue Delliquanti, creator of O Human Star.

"I have always struggled to get the colors right in prepress. Rhiannon was invaluable when it came to helping with color and picking which paper would make my book shine. The book is fantastic and it's all thanks to her." - Kel McDonald, creator of Sorcery 101 and Misfits of Avalon.